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International author, business owner, speaker, coach and business growth specialist Sharon Jurd shares her secrets to transforming your life.

Do you feel like your business is in chaos?
Do you spend loads of time training new team members?
Do you or your team often forget to do things?

I feel your pain!

A few years ago, I had my team running around in chaos. One team member never knew what the other team member was doing. They didn’t know who was supposed to be completing certain tasks. Things were being forgotten. My clients were not happy and neither was I!

That was the beginning of me designing my Ticksheets.

This was a way for me to make sure every step of a task was completed and nothing was ever missed. My team knew what actions they had to complete for the task. Everyone knew their responsibilities and what needed to be done.The one thing I discovered was ticksheets cut down my training time of new team members dramatically! I would direct new team members to the ticksheets and they could complete tasks without my interaction. I could get on with what I do best …. produce income! The tasks that you only do once a month, quarter or year were now easily completed without having to rely on someone’s memory. And in fact, any team member could complete the task if someone was sick or on holidays.

The time saved in my business was unbelievable!

I found when I went to sell my business that the ticksheets were a great asset. Firstly, it added value to the sale price but secondly, I didn’t have to stay on training the new owners for months or years when I wanted to get on with other exciting things in my life.

The ticksheets bought me income!

I continue to use ticksheets in every business I own today.
If you implement ticksheets into your business, I know it will have a dramatic effect on the operation of the business and team.
Imagine not having the chaos! Imagine not having the ‘stuff ups!’ Imagine team members completing tasks for you!

It is possible!

All you need is ‘Sharon Jurd’s Ticksheets’ and a little implementation and everything can change.
“Sharon Jurd’s Ticksheets” is the answer to taking back control.
I know that your business can perform at its absolute best but firstly you need a little help from me.

What can you expect from Sharon Jurd’s Ticksheets?

    • Instant access to the personal ticksheets Sharon uses in her businesses
    • Available anytime that suits your lifestyle
    • No webinars, or specific time hookups
    • Ticksheets covering all areas of your business
    • No spam emails into your inbox, just log in when you need to
    • No long term plans or contracts, stay as long as you like

Who should purchase Sharon Jurd’s Ticksheets?

    • If you are busy and need information but don’t want to be sold to
    • If you want to get out of the chaos in your business
    • If you want to build a solid foundation for your business
    • If you want to build a saleable asset within your business
    • If you want to reduce training of new team members
    • If you want your team all following the same system

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